About Us

Citta provides in-depth intelligence on what it's really like to work in an industry, company or profession--and how to position yourself.

What is Citta?

Citta refers to "heart, thoughts, mind and consciousness ". we strive to put "citta" for every client. citta services helps in achieving peace of mind results and what you need from a professional accountant.



Our mission is focused on nurturing the three key pillars of our firm.

Our Customer

Earning the trust of our customers by providing complete satisfaction in meeting their accounting and taxation needs, through timely compliance with tax and other laws of the countries in which they operate. We do this with our value added, result oriented approach in a courteous, dedicated, professional, responsible, and in an efficient manner while maintaining an uncompromising standard of ethics and integrity.

Our Employees

Actively promote a work environment for all our employees where their contributions are respected, valued and rewarded in a transparent manner. All employees are encouraged to advance their professional growth through training and challenging tasks while promoting and staying anchored to the organization's shared core values, and becoming role models for attracting the best and brightest talent for sustainable growth.

Our Community

Through our personal involvement we support the grass root organizations in our community, by providing education and health services to the lesser privileged members of our society.


Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  1. Comprehensive range of services
  2. Industry specialization
  3. Easy access to partner-level advice
  4. Punctual completion and delivery of work
  5. Flexible meeting options
  6. Experienced and expert Chartered Accountants and CPA
  7. No incidental charge or cost

We Partner With Industry Leaders



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